Type: A45SML/A45SMY Scharioth Macula Lens*
  One-piece foldable Intraocular Lens for implantation into the ciliary sulcus in addition to a primary IOL
Material: Hydrophilic acrilyc, 25% water content with UV Absorber + Blue light filter
Abbe number: 57
Optic: Convex-concave aspheric bifocal
Optic diameter: 6.0 mm
Overall diameter: 13.0 mm
Haptics: straight, 0° angulation, 4-loop design
Available powers: 0.0 D; other powers upon request
Addition: +10.0 D
Estimated incision size: 2.2 mm
Recommended injector: MedJet MA
Storage conditions  
Temperature: +15 - +35 °C
Humidity: 15%-50%
Shelf life: 5 years (from sterilization)

*patent pending