Clinical grade Neurofeedback system designed for clinicians wishing to use the highest standard for Neurotherapy.

Featuring the most user-friendly interface of any neurofeeback system, the BrainFeedback Pro includes specialized neurofeedback 3D games, trend graph reports and an advanced protocol setup utility as well as new Z-Score training.


  • DVD Player with Multi-Parameter Non-Linear Feedback (NEW FOR 2012)
  • Auditory and visual feedback with adjustable thresholds
  • Specialized 3D games for neurofeedback
  • Multi-channel custom protocol constructor
  • 6 customizable threshold bins
  • FFT spectral display
  • Z-Score based protocol
  • Customizable trend graphs of session data
  • Pause and continue ability during training
  • Uni-polar, bi-polar and coherence protocol support
  • Easy to use pre-set protocols


Number of channels 2
Analog sampling frequency 256 Hz per channel
Sampling rate of stored data 256 Hz
Bandwidth (+0 -1 dB) .3-70 Hz per channel
Analog time constant 0.5s
Maximal input DC offset ± 240 mV
IMR 140 dB
Voltage measurement accuracy ± 2 %
Measurable transition impedance 1 - 50 kOhm
Power supply Fully Battery Operated - over 120 hours of use per charge
Dimensions (W—H—L) 100mm — 50mm — 220mm