Combo Cabinets

Compact and elegant in design, Dexta's new cabinets are 100% computer ready. Designed to totally isolate the electrical and computer compartments from the delivery water system – Dexta cabinets come standard with intake and exhaust vents, a thermostat controlled fan and surge suppressor. Most models can even accept a full size CPU saving you big dollars on your next computer/cpu purchase.

Model 222/223 Space Saver Series

    Model 242/243 Perfection Series

Constructed of cabinet grade plywood and durable laminates, Dexta cabinets come standard with many other top quality features such as high impact washable drawers with full extension slides, a fully equipped modular delivery system and an auto-clavable vacuum system.

Dexta cabinets are designed to utilize our new swivel monitor and keyboard mounts permitting the user to operate the computer from three different sides of the cabinet. For your lighting needs, nothing beats the economy of our cabinet mounted Navigator light. It's the highest performing and most clutter free lighting system in its class.

Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional styling or somewhere in between, you will be impressed with the nearly endless range of surface finishes and colors to choose from – so you can achieve just the right look.

And if all that isn't enough, Dexta's factory direct marketing delivers our superior products at a surprisingly economical price. Check out the details of Dexta's standard features and specifications, then give us a call for a no pressure quote. 

Space Saver Series

Model 222 – Floor Mount

Model 223 – Mobile

Perfection Series

Model 242 – Floor Mount

Model 243 – Mobile

Popular Cabinet Options:

Flat Screen Monitor Mount

Swivel feature with height adjustment

75mm or 100mm vesa

Catalog # 9260

Keyboard Mounts

Attaches to Cat. # 9260

Swivels with monitor

Catalog # 9285 (mini type)

Catalog # 9286 (large type)

Asepsis Self contained Water System

Air purge toggle

750ml H.D. bottle

Includes spare bottle

Catalog # 9131

Umbilical Floor Swivel

For mobile cabinets

Connects umbilical to floor

Smooth swivel action

Improves cabinet mobility

Catalog # 9255

Cabinet Light Mount

Rigid mounting system

Reduces chair side clutter

Clean appearance

Catalog # 9038 (brackets)

Catalog # 2406 (post)