The new Deymed DuoMAG MP Monothasic TMS device for clinical and research studies.

The DuoMAG MP is a versatile mono-phasic stimulator capable of high-power stimulation for clinical diagnostics and research use. A large selection of coils are available, including designs for specific applications.  Intensity and stimulation controls are included on all deymed coils.


  • smallest most compact design in class
  • integrated display for stimulation intensity and simulator status
  • full control via coils, computer or external TTL
  • controlable by third-party applications via API (optional)
  • combine two of same unit for Dual-Stim use
  • highest repetitive rate for mono-phasic high power system
  • durable and robust design with low-fail rate capacitors


  Pulse mode:  monophasic
 Stimulation mode:  single, pair*
 Stimulation intensity 100%:  0,3 Hz
 Stimulation intensity 50%:  0,4 Hz
 Maximum repetition rate:  1 Hz
 Minimum interstimulus interval in train mode:  1 ms*
 Pulse width:  85 µs / 1 ms
 Coil compatibility:  Deymed 100R, 125R, 70BF, 120 BFV
Main voltage:  110-130 V / 200-240 V~ 50-60 Hz
 Energy consumption:

 max. 620 VA

 in sleep mode 35 VA

 Synchronization:  TTL IN, TTL OUT
 Communication:  USB full control, control on coil
 Dimensions: 49 cm x 11 cm x 38 cm
 Weight (without coil):  14,5 kg