The new Deymed DuoMAG XT rTMS device offers the latest features and tools needed to perform any rTMS protocols and studies.

The DuoMAG XT is a compact bi-phasic stimulator for both clinical and research use. The stimulator is controlled via a large capacitive touch-screen Windows based interface, allowing for ease of use and elaborate protocol setup and configuration. A full selection of coils are available depending on application. Intensity and stimulation controls are included on all deymed coils.


  • Custom protocol editor allowing saving of any conceivable design, including stimulation trains,

      Theta BurstStimulation (iTBS-cTBS) and changing stimulation intensities.

  • FlexiTower cart innovative counter-weight balanced positioning arm and auto-locking of

       position thatgreatly reduces the effort needed to find and fix the placement of deymed coils.

  • Integration of deymed's clinical EMG or EEG amplifiers, allowing multiple configuration of

       EMG / MEP orEEG signals to be displayed.

  • Touch-screen interface and user friendly software based on Windows

  • Stimulation intensity and start-stop can be set on the coil for ease of use
  • Installed on deymed FlexTower cart with wheels for easy movement from room to room.

  • Is installed on a Deymed trolley with wheels so it is easy to move from room to room or within a room 
  • When used with 70BF-Cool coil, even intense TBS protocols can be used all day without

      over-heating the coil due to the double air-cooled fans and advanced coil design.


Product Specifications DuoMAG XT-10 DuoMAG XT-35 DuoMAG XT-100
Pulse mode biphasic, repetitive biphasic, repetitive biphasic, repetitive, burst
Dimensions 49 cm x 11 cm x 38 cm 49 cm x 11 cm x 38 cm 49 cm x 11 cm x 38 cm
 Weight without trolly and coil 15 kg 15 kg 16 kg
 Stimulation Intensity 100% 5 Hz 12 Hz 15 Hz
 Stimulation Intesity 50% 10 Hz 35 Hz 80Hz
 Maximum repetition rate 10 Hz 35 Hz 100 Hz

 Minimum interstimulus interval

in train mode

1ms 1ms 1ms
Pulse width 280 us 280 us 280 us
Coil Compatibility Deymed coils Deymed coils Deymed coils
Main voltage 100-240Vac 50/60Hz 100-240Vac 50/60Hz 100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Synchronization TTL in/out and/or USB TTL in/out and/or USB TTL in/out and/or USB
Communication USB full control, control on coil USB full control, control on coil USB full control, control on coil