The Mark 52X is an excellent choice for the office or surgery center.

Designed to meet the needs of a number of medical specialties, the Mark 52X is one of Dexta's most versatile performers. Because of its unique flexible design, it can be tailored to the individual requirements of any practitioner.

The Mark 52X shown at left with left and right IV armboards and a large, flat dual articulating headrest.

The 52X series surgery chair is available in two models: the 52X-2 for those who prefer the synchronized movement of the back and foot sections, and the 52X-3 for those who require the additional flexibilty of independent back, seat, and foot section positioning. The 52X-3 is the preferred choice for the multi-physician office or clinic.


Number of Actuator Motors

3 in 52X-2

4 in 52X-3

Contour Positioning



Flat Positioning




Individual Articulating Toe System

52X-3 Only

Foot Controls

Corded Remote 

Vertical Lift Travel


Dextrak Rail

Back, Seat, Toe


IV Boards Optional


Large Selection of Headrest Choices and Options