Small light weight PSG Ambulatory-Wireless system for clinical and home use.


  • Channels: 6 EEG, 4 EMG, 3 EOG
  • 2 Respiratory Effort, 1 Body position, 1 Thermistor, 1Snore, 1 EKG, SpO2
  • Hypnogram display and printout
  • Manual and automatic sleep stage scoring
  • Summarization Report
  • Integrated digital video monitoring with day/night specialized industrial cameras
  • Picture-in-picture video, remote-control zoom/tilt and infra-red lamp night time monitoring
  • Networked video server for multiple-station clinics


Number of channels 18 Inputs/ 24 Total Channels
Hardware sample rate 1024 Hz
Sampling rate of stored data 128 or 256 Hz
Analog time constant Full DC
Equivalent input noise 1 uVp-p
CMR 115 dB
Differential input impedance 10 GOhm
Voltage measurement accuracy ± 2%
Measurable transition impedance 1 - 50 kOhm
Power supply High capacity battery
Dimensions (W—H—L) 20mm — 65mm — 110mm
Weight  150g
Wireless range  20 meters from base station

Includes SD Card Memory and Battery Operation for up to 4 consecutive 8-hours studies