Introducing the SomniPro PSG system for advanced sleep studies including HD digital video and dedicated PSG review keyboard.

Featuring numerous channels for a wide range of sensor connections, the Deymed SomniPro 19 offers a complete PSG solution. Includes customizable hypnogram, sleep stage and summary reports with additional features available including advanced digital video monitoring.


  • Channels: 6 EEG, 4 EMG, 3 EOG
  • 2 Respiratory Effort, 1 Body position, 1 Thermistor, 1Snore, 1 EKG, SpO2
  • Hypnogram display and printout
  • Manual and semi-automatic sleep stage scoring
  • Summarization Report
  • Integrated digital video monitoring with day/night specialized industrial cameras
  • Picture-in-picture video, remote-control zoom/tilt and infra-red lamp night time monitoring
  • Networked video server for multiple-station clinics
  • Combine with TruScan EEG headbox to record full 10/20 recordings


Number of channels 6 EEG, 4 EMG, 3 EOG, 1 ECG, 5 Auxiliary DC
Analog sampling frequency 4,096 Hz per channel*
Sampling rate of stored data 128 or 256 Hz
Bandwidth (+0 -1 dB) .16-450 Hz per channel
Analog time constant 1s, optionally up to 10s
Maximal input DC offset ± 350 mV
Equivalent input noise 2µV p-p**
A/D resolution 14 bit
IMR 140 dB
Differential input impedance 10 GOhm parallel to 35pF
Voltage measurement accuracy ± 2 %*
Measurable transition impedance 1 - 50 kOhm
Power supply 4 AA batteries
Uninterrupted operation 120 hours
Dimensions (W—H—L) 100mm — 50mm — 220mm

* for EEG,EMG, EOG and ECG channels
** in bandwidth 0.1 Hz - 100 Hz with input impedance bellow 10 kOhm