We shall distinguish ourselves as a "customer-driven" company, offering a broad and integrated range of medical equipment and other major instruments, which are reliable and available on demand, especially to our major area of operation in the field of medical science. Working as teammates on all levels of our organization, we shall foster a highly motivated environment that encourages professionalism and integrity, reward excellent, and insure the delivery of a world-class quality product. As a responsible corporate citizen, we shall consciously contribute to make more certain the national development and promote the well-being of the medical institutions we serve. In serving the interest of our customers and the community at large, we shall consistently achieve and maintain superior returns for our shareholders.


LSGI Corporation envisions itself to be the premier distributor of integrated medical equipment and ophthalmic instruments in the Philippine territory giving the public and private hospitals a medical service that is efficient and reliable. The philisophy established, is to foster closer relationship with the medical institutions and professionals, and especially, to distribute new and ethical high quality equipment and medical specialties essential in the achievement of a better health and sight.