Advanced EEG system build for demanding clinical and research use. The system can be configured as a portable, clinical or long term monitoring station.

Features high sample rates, continuous on-line impedance monitoring, and an intuitive user-friendly interface. Long term monitoring is possible with digital video monitoring utilizing Full-HD MPEG4 with remote controlled - picture in picture capabilities.

Acquisition Features: 

  • Intuitive recording 'Dashboard' style interface
  • Photo-stimulation customizable up to 60 Hz
  • Event marker presets with quick note insert
  • Change filters, montages and any other settings during acquisition
  • Integrated Patient Database with demographics and notes editor
  • Marker management, interesting segment declaration
  • 100+ hours of continuous recording
  • Capable up to 256 channel recording and visualization
  • Drag and Drop montage constructor
  • Integrated digital video monitoring with day/night specialized industrial cameras (optional)
  • Picture-in-picture video, remote-control zoom/tilt and infra-red lamp night time monitoring (optional)

Review Features: 

  • Split screen mode reviewing - up to 4 windows
  • Networked video server for multiple-station clinics
  • Amplitude, frequency and coherency brain mapping
  • Spectral analysis from multiple segments
  • Magnitude and power numerical export to Excel
  • Export to Matlab
  • Export to other EEG/ERP data formats
  • VEP/P300 with post-review
  • LORETA analysis export

Add-on modules:

  • VEP wth external PR monitor
  • P300 (advanced configurations)
  • Dual Full HD Video with Audio\Mic
  • Night-time recording with infra-red lamp
  • CSA/DSA View
  • HL7/Network Mode with multi-station


Number of channels 24, 32, 64, 128 or 256
Analog sampling frequency up to 4,096 Hz per channel
Sampling rate of stored data 128, 256 or 1024 Hz
Bandwidth (+0 -1 dB) .16-450 Hz per channel
Analog time constant 1s, optionally up to 10s
Maximal input DC offset ± 350 mV
IMR 140 dB
Differential input impedance 10 GOhm parallel to 35pF
Voltage measurement accuracy ± 2 %
Power supply fully battery operated
Dimensions (W—H—L) 100mm — 50mm — 220mm