The TruScan Neurofeedback System offers the highest quality amplifiers for Neurotheraphy and qEEG.

With the TruScan Neurofeedback LT system, you can now do Neurofeedback and qEEG with this all-in-one portable system. Featuring high sample rates, continuous on-line impedance monitoring and an intuitive user-friendly interface, the Deymed TruScan Neurofeedback is the only tool a Neurofeedback practitioner needs.


  • Easy to use, even for beginners to Neurofeedback and qEEG 
  • DVD Playback with Multi-Parameter feedback controls
  • Real-time LORETA neurofeedback
  • Real-time Z-Score feedback
  • LORETA analysis and export with TruScan Explorer
  • Utilizes Deymed's 'Dashboard interface' for ease of use
  • Numerous custom 3D games made specifically for neurofeedback
  • Continuous impedance monitoring of all channels at all times
  • Brainfeedback training module for clinical grade Neurofeedback
  • Amplitude, frequency and coherency brain mapping included
  • Spectral analysis tool with data export
  • Magnitude and power numerical export to Excel or ASCII
  • Export to Matlab
  • Export to other EEG/ERP data formats
  • Advanced custom montage constructor
  • Amplifier design utilizing DSP technology for superior signal

New Hardware Features:

  • Removable Batteries 
  • Internal memory 
  • Start button on headbox for Computer-less Recording


Number of channels 24, 32
Analog sampling frequency 6,000 Hz per channel*
Sampling rate of stored data 200, 500 or 3000 Hz
Bandwidth (+0 -1 dB) .16-1100 Hz per channel
Analog time constant 1s, optionally up to 10s
Maximal input DC offset ± 350 mV
IMR 140 dB
Differential input impedance 10 GOhm parallel to 35pF
Voltage measurement accuracy ± 2 %
Power supply fully battery operated - over 50 hours use on single charge
Dimensions (W—H—L) 100mm — 50mm — 220mm