The TruScan RS Wireless EEG system for demanding clinical applications including Routine, LTM and Ambulatory use.

Features high sample rates, continuous on-line impedance monitoring, and an intuitive user-friendly interface. Long term monitoring is possible with digital video monitoring utilizing MPEG4 with remote controlled - picture in picture capabilities.


  • EEG, EMG, EOG, ECG signal acquisition
  • Customizable photo-stimulation up to 60 Hz
  • Montage constructor
  • Event marker presets with quick note insert
  • Amplitude, frequency and coherency brain mapping
  • Spectral analysis from multiple segments
  • Magnitude and power numerical export to Excel
  • Marker management, interesting segment declaration
  • Split screen mode reviewing - up to 4 windows
  • Export to Matlab
  • Export to other EEG/ERP data formats
  • Advanced custom montage constructor
  • VEP/P300 post-review
  • LORETA analysis export
  • Records onto Compact Flash memory (4 GB card standard)
  • 24-30 hours of continuous use
  • Patient event marker button located on FlexEEG chassis
  • Impedance threshold LED status indicator at the push of a button
  • Flashing LED high impedance status alert
  • Capable up to 128 channel recording and visualization
  • Integrated digital video monitoring with day/night specialized industrial cameras
  • Picture-in-picture video, remote-control zoom/tilt and infra-red lamp night time monitoring
  • Networked video server for multiple-station clinics


Number of channels 32, 64, 128 or 256
Analog sampling frequency up to 6,000 Hz per channel
Sampling rate of stored data 250, 1000, 2000 or 3000 Hz
Bandwidth (+0 -1 dB) from .01 up to 1,200 Hz per channel
Analog time constant 1s, optionally up to 10s
Maximal input DC offset ± 350 mV
IMR 140 dB
Differential input impedance 10 GOhm parallel to 35pF
Voltage measurement accuracy ± 2 %
Power supply fully battery operated
Dimensions (W—H—L) 100mm — 50mm — 220mm